DOWK is about colourful, sustainable, ethical clothing that is designed to bring you joy.

Meet The Founder

"I create for people

who love bright,

playful fashion"

Hi, I'm Danni

DOWK is built on my passion to provide the colourful, size inclusive, ethical, eco-friendly clothing that we are all craving!

Clothing that screams joy and flatters your shape so you too can feel at home as your most creative self.
In every stitch, my goal is to extend the joy I have found in Dopamine Dressing to you! Capturing a joyful essence and playful spirit in the rainbow clothing of your dreams.

xoxo - Danni
Ps. There is nothing I love more than seeing you wearing my colourful creations - Tag me in your photos so I can be your biggest fan!



High-Quality Construction: DOWK is about providing a timeless style that resonates with you as well as prioritizing durability and quality that lasts. The goal is to use these two aproaches to influence a reduction in the over consumption of fashion.

100% Organic Cotton: Opting for organic cotton minimises the environmental impact compared to conventional cotton farming, which often involves the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilisers. Organic cotton is grown without these harmful chemicals, promoting soil health and reducing water pollution.

OEKO-TEX Certified Dyes: Choosing OEKO-TEX certified dyes indicates a commitment to using safe and eco-friendly colouring processes. This certification ensures that the dyes used do not contain environmentally harmful substances.

Fabric Off-Cuts Repurposed: Repurposing fabric off-cuts into accessories is a great way to minimise waste.

Made-to-Order Model: Adopting a made-to-order model is an effective way to reduce overproduction. By producing items based on customer demand, you can avoid excess inventory and the associated environmental and economic costs.


Dresses are made in both the DOWK studio in Melbourne, Australia and via our Bali partners on a pre-order basis. Cut, stitched and packaged just for you with love.

Garments made in Bali are from a small family business in Sukawati. This team of 5 skilled craftspeople, specialise in premium small batch manufacturing.

The team are aged between 30-50 and are paid hourly. They are paid a living wage and are provided a safe and clean working environment.

This studio is visited regularly by DOWK to ensure adherence of high occupational and social standards. 


Every DOWK garment is about making you feel amazing!

Garments are made to measure in a XS-4X and are designed with fit and functionality in mind.


Every print is hand drawn by myself on my digital tablet. And DOWK dresses are like my wearable canvases! The DOWK style is all about bringing nostalgic inspirations and colourful maximalism to life.